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Why I Became a Freelancer

By Jamaine “Y.A.O.S” Fleming

I am a man who hates living by the standards placed upon me by society. I am a family man, musician, lyricist, martial artist, and I prefer to live my life on my terms.
I love coming and going as I please. I hate being domesticated; I like to roam around freely. I am always ready to explore what the world has to offer. I am a free spirit, I’ve tried working for others, and it never worked out well for me.
I wanted more out of life than 401K and to retire at 70 years old. I just knew I was not living in my purpose.
I wanted to write and make lyricism my full-time career through music or spoken words. I knew this process would take a lot of time; it wouldn’t happen overnight. I had realized I needed more knowledge of the business and some connections to that world.
That feeling led me to Fullsail Univesity, where I had received my M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Unfortanelty, due to a grim situation, my family of 4 had to make an emergency move. In an instant, we had lost our income sources and had moved in with my mom, who was two hours away.
The very next day, we found out that my fiance was pregnant. Making things more challenging was the holiday season, and we had so much to achieve in such a short period.
My fiance and I both agreed that we would not be a family of 5 and live in one bedroom. I reached out to my professor, and he suggested freelance writing. I always wanted to be my boss, it was the perfect time to go for it, but I had doubts because I knew I had to provide for my family.
With my back against the wall, I leaped out on faith, and after our conversation, my life changed.
It was there in my mother’s house where I became a freelance writer. I immediately went on the job hunt and came across job boards and content mills. I also went on the search for personal customers. I passed out business cards and began advertising my services on social media.
My first client was the man who taught me how to pierce. I told him that I was back in town and that I was now a freelance writer. He told me that I could the shop as my office, but only if I had gone back to being a piercer. I agreed to the terms.
Not only did he let me write and pierce there, but he also educated me in things for tax purposes. I learned a lot; he encouraged me to get my L.L.C., which I did right after making sure I had enough to get my family situated.
Freelancing helped me remain calm in serious times. And it allowed me to have more time with my family, live a life outside of the box, and lastly, enjoy my life whether I’m working or not.

To learn more about me and my freelance journey, you can find me on Linkedin, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and like my business page on Facebook.

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